The Art Studio Charcoal Tin Art Set (7 Pieces)

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This charcoal sketching set is a useful pack for experienced charcoal users, and a great starting place for those curious about the medium. Artists will find the charcoal pencils similar in use to graphite pencils, with excellent applications for fine, precise lines and easily sharpenable for when they start to blunt. The traditional charcoal sticks are better for more fluid, loose strokes, and are not as easy to smudge as pencils. Artists can also add some white to their black sketches with the included white pastel pencil, a useful tool that allows for the bright colour of a pastel in the easy to use form of a pencil. Finally, the kneadable eraser in this pack is perfect not only for minimising mistakes, but also for adding texture and patterns to your artwork. Simply mould it into your desired shape and press lightly to the charcoal to begin! Every piece of this set fits neatly into the decorated metal tin, making it great for travelling with and storing away easily.