The Art Studio Decor Paint Markers 6 Pieces

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Decorate all your glass, mirror and ceramic surfaces using The Art Studio's Decor Paint Markers. These markers, coming in green, red, white, gold, silver and black, can be used to make beautiful patterns on your plates, cups, windows, pots and other household surfaces. Be sure to follow our simple instructions to ensure your designs are permanent and the pens stay in prime condition!

Shake pen for 1-2 minutes before using. Press tip down until paint begins to flow. Ensure your surface is clean and dry. Do not paint on the areas used for drinking or eating. Replace cap immediately after use. Allow paint to dry (4 hours approx) Oven bake item for 90 minutes at 160 degrees. Allow to cool in oven. Store pens horizontally. Paint may stain. Please use appropriate coverings for clothing, hands and workspaces. Oil based paints. Use in a well ventilated workspace.