The Art Studio Watercolour Painting Set (30 Pieces)

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An amazingly packed collection, this watercolour painting set has not only paints, but a variety of amazing brushes and tools for all different watercolour techniques and applications. The paints, which come in, can be applied in a number of unusual ways; apply directly to paper from the paint tube and manipulate it using the palette knife, apply it in spots or work the paint using the stylus tool or use the aqua brush to activate the paint with water and then apply the paint to canvas straight away. Of course, this pack also comes with a number of watercolour paint brushes to use as well, all with synthetic tips that are easy to clean and paint a lovely smooth line. All wet paints can be kept separate and ready to use in the 28-well plastic palette, which is lightweight and easy to clean. Finally, this set also comes with a graphite pencil and eraser, ideal for sketching out your painting design before you begin. All of these handy tools store away neatly in the wooden carry case, which keeps them all safe and makes it easy to travel with and store away.