The Art Studio Sketching and Drawing Art Set (78 Pieces)

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This expansive Sketching and Drawing Set from The Art Studio contains 78 different tools for you to use in your art! For greyscale art, there are 13 graphite pencils (one of them woodless), 4 charcoal pencils (one of them woodless), as well as 4 vine charcoal sticks, 3 regular charcoal sticks and 6 sketching sticks. For coloured work, choose from 12 coloured pencils, 12 compressed pastel sticks, four soft pastel sticks, 4 fluorescent pencils, 4 pastel pencils and 2 shiny metallic pencils! Finally, keep and your utensils in shape with the sharpener and sanding block, while making interesting effects on your paper using the included 4 tortillons, the one normal eraser and the one kneadable eraser. All of these can be put to use in the included sketching and drawing pad!