Quality brands means quality arts and crafts. At Riot Art & Craft, we are determined to bring you the best brands at the lowest prices.

We know the difference great materials and supplies can make. And we understand having them when you want them can help bring your inner vision to life.

Brands that matter

For over 40 years, Riot Art & Craft has been the trusted supplier of art, crafts, and graphics materials, all at great value. We pride ourselves on making art supplies accessible to everyone, by selling quality products at affordable prices. Key to that is our brands.

We spend a lot of time choosing and developing the brands we sell. We know how important it is to you, so it’s important to us. When you choose our brands, you’re choosing:

Quality. Whatever you’re creating, we want to ensure it’s the best it can be.

Reliability. Know what you’re getting every single time.

Top prices. Make sure your arts and crafts projects stay on budget.

Flexibility. We’ve got choice across, and within, brands.

Big ranges. Ensure your creativity is never limited.

Products for everyone

The great thing about art and crafts is everyone can do it. You don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy spending time creating something special. And there’s no age limit either. Kids love expressing their creativity, and getting dirty doing it. And arts and crafts are activities the whole family can do together, and enjoy. Everyone, no matter their age or skill level, should be able to follow their interests and creative pursuits. That means having access to brands that are perfect for what you want to do.

Brands such as Tim & Tess and Teacher’s Choice are perfect for kids 3+ years of age.

Art Culture is a great place to start.

We have plenty of great brands for students and intermediate artists, including The Art Studio and Eraldo Di Paolo.

There are lots of great brands for crafters of all levels, including Dylusions, Hobby Line, Strong Bonds, and The Paper Mill.

Artists who want and expect something more will love Urban Crafter and Holcroft products.

Quality paint brands

Paint can be the hero of arts and craft. Having the right paint can make a big difference to your project, whether you’re creating something on canvas, working with watercolours, or finishing off a special craft. As Australia’s largest art and craft supplies retailer, Riot Art & Craft is known for its quality paint brands, including:

Holcroft. A big range of acrylics and mixed mediums for experienced artists.

Eraldo di Paolo. A great range of watercolour, acrylic, and oil paints for all skill levels.

Art Culture. Affordable acrylics and oils.

Tim & Tess. Colourful and creative washable paint that can lead to hours of family fun.

Don’t forget the extras

When artists and crafters like a brand, they tend to stick to it. And we do, too. While a lot of our brands are known for a certain kind or product, such as quality acrylic paints or foam, they often have a range of complementary products as well. And the great thing is they all work really well together. Artists who love Holcroft will also love their range of brushes. The Paper Mill has just about everything you’ll ever need for paper crafting. And The Clay Studio has a perfect range of clay tools. Whatever your needs, Riot Art & Craft brands will deliver.