The Art Studio All Artist Travel Set (96 Pieces)

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Sketching? Check. Acrylics? Check. Watercolour, oil and pastels? Check, check and check. An easel to do them all on? You bet! This is the ultimate set for artists who want to paint on the go, and who want to paint with everything. Want to paint an oil landscape? A watercolour still life? Perhaps an acrylic portrait? You can do it all with this all-inclusive studio set, a comprehensive collection that all fits amazingly into a carry bag/backpack hybrid. This kit come with paints, pencils, brushes, palette knives, canvas boards and paper, a palette, sharpener, eraser and plenty of wraps and bags to fit them all together. With a huge range of colours, papers and tools to use, this is the dream studio set for creative artists of any ability! Weight: 3kg