The Art Studio Acyrlic Colour Painting Set Art Case Series

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The perfect starter set for acrylic painters all wrapped up in a handy case, this Acrylic Colour Painting Set contains a range of acrylic paints and tools that are great for beginners and experts alike! This kit has twelve acrylic paints coming in zinc titanium white, lemon yellow, vermillion, crimson red, ultramarine blue, phthalocyanine blue, viridian, lime green, burnt umber and black, all of which are great for use on the included canvas boards. The paints can be kept separate and ready to use in the included plastic palette, which is lightweight and easy to clean when finished with. If artists are worried about painting straight onto the canvas, they can make use of the enclosed pencil, sharpener and eraser to lightly sketch their design onto the canvas first. Painters can experiment with acrylic application techniques by using the palette knife or the brushes to apply and spread paint- note that the included round brushes have different sized and shaped bristles for different painting methods! Every piece of this set slots neatly into the included carry case, making it easy to store away or travel with if needed.