The Art Studio Art Class Series Sketch Easel Set

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You can't add more than of The Art Studio Art Class Series Sketch Easel Set.


This sketching set contains everything a sketch artist needs to create intricate and interesting sketches. This incredible set from The Art Studio has graphite, charcoal and pastel pencils, charcoal sticks, compressed graphite, charcoal sticks, a sharpener and sandpaper block for keeping them in shape, an eraser for helping you keep your lines neat, a kneadable eraser and a blending stick for making textured patterns and effects, and a sketch pad to do it all in! When using, all of these utensils fit neatly into the easel carry case which, as expected, doubles as a table easel. The apron in this set will keep charcoal and pastel off your clothes, and the storage bag will keep it all together when you're not using it.

The included easel measures 35cm long & 26cm wide.

When folded up, this set measures 6.5cm. Unfolded, it is 26.5cm.