The Art Studio Acrylic Colour Painting Set Starter Series

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A fantastic starting point for anyone curious about acrylics, this acrylic colour starter set contains a taster of all things acrylic that will inspire new artists to take up the hobby! The basic colours of white, lemon yellow, crimson red, ultramarine blue, viridian and black can be mixed together to make more colours if you're feeling brave, or used as they are for great effect. Using the included acrylic painting pad, don't be afraid to lightly sketch your design onto the paper before you paint- acrylics paints are very thick and mostly opaque, so they won't be visible after you start laying down colour. If you are worried, use the provided eraser! The golden synthetic brush in this set is a great starting brush, as its round head allows for smooth linework, careful colouring and the creation of tiny details. All of these handy tools fit nicely into the green carry case, making it easy to transport or store away after use.