The Art Studio Collector's Series Sketching Artist Tin Set

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You can't add more than of The Art Studio Collector's Series Sketching Artist Tin Set.


The ultimate sketching kit for any artist, the Collector's Series Sketching Artist Set contains a multitude of different sketching tools, all fitting perfectly into a slim collector's tin case that is easy to carry and store. The four graphite pencils included here are of differing levels of hardness, and along with the two charcoal and other woodless graphite pencils can be used to create neat and detailed sketches with ease. Also enclosed are two black and two white pastel sticks, perfect for adding smooth, bold lines of colour that can then be smudged and smeared with the included kneadable eraser, or even your fingertips! The kneadable eraser, along with the regular one, can also be used to clean up mistakes and messy lines in your sketch. Finally, the enclosed sharpener can be used to keep all pencils sharp and in great form for sketching.